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(facebook excerpt, 12/30/15, in response queries about yoga classes)
"Oh man, ANYthing with Julia McSheffery. She was my saving grace and I miss her everyday now that I'm not in Columbus. Her voice is like a quiet music box, she cares about her students' health and well-being, and is just an overall excellent/knowledgeable teacher. You never feel like you're in one of those classes where you're expected to "compete" with those around you. You're there for you and she'll remind you of that constantly... It was one of the only yoga classes where I could actually track my own progress and see myself improve."

Andrea Breau

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(facebook mail excerpt, 6.7.10)
"You've been by far one of the best yoga teachers I've ever had. Your instruction was so enlightening, your voice is so soothing, your yoga flows were so creative and your class just made me feel great."
Annie Vignolo Vian

(email excerpt, 8.21.09)
"Just felt like letting you know that I really enjoyed your class last night. It was beautifully timed, paced and a nice sequence. Very rejuvenating for me. I really needed it. I'll be back!"
Alex Ferm, yoga teacher

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Courtesy Diane Faridad

"Julia is a knowledgeable and engaging yoga teacher whose instruction is practical, unintimidating, and safe.  Not only does she provide an infinite amount of information regarding the body's mechanics and energy lines, she also gives her students the opportunity to play with the information they're given so they can personalize it for their own practice and teaching.
Connie Phillips, RYT

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