On-going classes are offered at the Dharma House (and Columbus State Community College.)

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    • Drop-in $14; 10-Class Pass $100 (Expires 3 months from date of purchase.); Unlimited Monthly Pass: $100 (Expires 30 days from date of purchase.)
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  • Cash, Check (payable to Julia McSheffery) or Credit Card
  • Located at the Dharma House, 1970 W. Dublin-Granville Road, Worthington OH 43085.

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Classes & Workshops

This is an auspicious time to evolve your teaching skills. The practice of yoga in the US is maturing and the audience expanding. Competing to be the instructor in the perfect 5-7pm time slot in a local studio may not cut it anymore and those instructors who have more experience and a following are going to win the slot every time. Our goal is to expand the reach of our practice as well as create more opportunities to deliver it outside of the traditional studio space. To expand our reach we need to transition from instructing yoga classes to actually teaching yoga — to truly become great yoga teachers.
          At Dharma House, Julia and Aaron have created a program of studies that allows you to gain necessary skills and tools to differentiate yourself from all the rest and to be able to create full time employment teaching what you love. We are pleased offer a quality experience in an intimate environment, in which you can commune with like-minded teachers and observe the beauty of the natural world.  By invitation, highly-experienced, guest teachers and yoga therapists, such as Angela Nicolosi, will offer training in specialized areas of knowledge. This innovative program is scheduled to enable you to quickly and efficiently improve your expertise. Expand your knowledge and enrich your teaching skills at a work-able pace. Enrollment is limited —sign up today! This series is offered at Dharma House, 1970 W. Dublin-Granville Road.

The Art and Science of Anatomy, Asana, and Sequencing - The Criteria and Foundations of Critical Thinking (4 hrs), September 14, 2019, 1-5 pm
Learn the criteria and foundations of critical thinking that empower you to adapt and modify your class on the fly. Learn to quickly meet the needs of your various students with responsiveness based in observation. Through lecture, discussion and hands-on experience, we will explore anatomy & physiology, benefits versus risk, an analysis of pose intensity, the A. Nicolosi addition & subtraction models and more. Even if you have been teaching for years, there will be something in this workshops that will enlighten your teaching and personal practice experience. Led Julia McSheffery.

Functional Anatomy - The What, Why and How of Seeing and Understanding Postural Habits and Concerns (4 hrs), Sept. 28, 2019, 1-5 pm
Anyone can memorize a chart to learn muscle locations. It is relatively easy to recall the muscles that abduct the upper leg at the hip. But when a student comes to you with discomfort in the outer hip during standing and balancing poses, how do you decide on the modification they need? Do you have a go-to assist that you hope will cover their issue? Is a muscle being overused? - underused? Which adjustment or modification would be most effective? Through discussion and hands-on experience learn to innovatively tweak alignment and modify asana to adjust for postural strengths and weaknesses. Led Julia McSheffery.

Skillful Cuing, Adjusting, and Assisting - Foster your students' self-understanding and ownership of yoga as a therapeutic body of
knowledge and find the dharma in their practice.
(4 hrs), Oct. 12, 2019, 1-5 pm
Good teaching requires that we communicate in a way that our students can understand us. Great teaching takes that communication one step further! Can you effectively influence your students’ practice foster and grow their self-understanding and ownership of yoga as a body of therapeutic knowledge? It isn’t enough to create the environment in which students follow instruction during practice. It isn’t enough to adjust their body to fit the way an asana is supposed to look. Can you teach students to empower themselves through their practice, to truly own their practice within themselves? Learn through hands-on experience and discussion; expect to move your body as you find your true teacher’s voice, learn how to facilitate your students’ to find the Dharma in their practice and develop the skills to sense individual student’s needs in this workshop. Led Julia McSheffery.

Pranayama - Body, Breath, Mind - The What, How, Why and Why Not of Teaching Pranayama (4 hrs), Oct. 26, 2019, 1-5 pm
“The thread of connection, taking us from the busy-ness and preoccupations of the mind back to the Self is and always has been the breath.” (D. Keller) The experience of this connection through pranayama is not easily communicated through in-class instructions. It takes practice and patience in pranayama to use the breath to build steadiness and overcome the mind’s eagerness for distraction. Learn how to include in practice and teach pranayama: the indications and contraindications for different pranayama techniques, the order of techniques to teach (what experiences need to come first, what self-awareness and knowledge are necessary to proceed), and the anatomy of breathing and the relationship to the koshas. Through this workshop you will learn to help your students to build a daily practice, to develop your skills of student observation, and to create cues to facilitate the practice of a variety of breathing techniques. Led Julia McSheffery and Aaron King.

Meditation - Growing Meditation in Your Students' Practices (4 hrs), Nov. 9, 2019, 1-5 pm
This workshop will focus on topics around teaching and practicing mindfulness and meditation, such as: how to meditate, how to build a daily practice stress management/ relaxation techniques, how to teach meditation. Different styles of mediation will be explored and a progression of mediation practice will be introduced. You’ll also learn how to bring this into your teaching practice in the context of studio classes vs corporate; in addition to the indications and contraindications to different practices (referrals). Led Aaron King with Julia McSheffery.

Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga (5 hrs), Nov. 23, 2019, 1-5 pm
Prior to this module, participants will receive a PDF of workshop materials to review. On the week preceding the workshop, there will be a Zoom call (Introduction to the Terminology and Key Concepts within Trauma-Informed Yoga) to review the PDF materials, allow participants to ask questions, and to identify areas of focus.(1 hr)
This workshop will 1) provide a basic understanding of the brain and nervous system, 2) explain how we react to trauma, 3) clarify why yoga is an effective tool that addresses the effects of trauma, 4) identify simple ways to make classes safe for participants who have been traumatized (and may or may not be aware of it.) 5) delineate what differentiates a safe yoga class from one that is specifically for trauma survivors. Led by Angela Nicolosi (facilitated by Julia McSheffery and Aaron King.)

Yoga - Wisdom and Philosophy - Revealing the Relevance and Seamlessly Integrating It into Practice (4 hrs),Dec. 14, 2019, 1-5 pm
Learning the depth of the wisdom and philosophy of yoga takes time. Through this workshop you will learn how to teach and incorporate/integrate philosophy into practice seamlessly. Gain an understanding of where to start, subtle vs overt, philosophy vs spirituality, and how the location of the class might change the approach (for example: in studio vs corporate. Begin to make your use of yogic wisdom more than just the intention at the beginning of class. Learn how to help your students take it home and integrate it into daily living. Led Julia McSheffery and Aaron King.

Cultivating, Crafting, and Building Your Base (3 hrs) Jan. 11, 2019, 1-5 pm
Become skillful in the business of yoga: building a student base, the class experience, students as customers (their expectations,) valuation of your teaching, and ethics. Meet your students where they are and cultivate a desire for all that yoga has to offer. Led Julia McSheffery and Aaron King.


ReSource Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. Julia teaches a variety of classes for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Aren't sure where to start? Come visit a few classes or contact Julia.

Classes & Workshops

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Slow Flow & Core Yoga Classes

Classes held Monday AND Friday 10-11:15 am at the Dharma House, please drop in!

This slow, flow vinyasa class has an emphasis on longer holds and releasing tension and will include exercises to build core strength. Slowing down as we transition through the asana practice creates a meditative, nurturing practice that facilitates endurance, strength and self-awareness. Students familiar with Julia’s style of teaching have commented “You never feel like you're in one of those classes where you're expected to "compete" with those around you. You're there for you and she'll remind you of that... It was one of the only yoga classes where I could actually track my own progress and see myself improve.”

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

Coming soon: Classes held Thursday 6-7:15 pm at the Dharma House

An alignment and anatomy focused flowing practice that builds strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. During practice we will slowing down transitions to facilitate core strength and self-awareness.

Yoga Classes with Julia at Columbus State Community College

Beginner Yoga classes are offered, for credit, through the department of Sport and Exercise Studies.

  • Located at the main CSCC campus in downtown Columbus.
  • Visit for details and semester schedules.